Seducing the Throne

Designers from Lesson of Passion have prepared another 3D RPG sex game with sexy girls. This time the plot happened a few hundred years ago, where kings and princesses still rule the world. Become a handsome knight and do your best to fuck beautiful royal babes. Have fantasy fun in this Seducing the Throne online porn game. Move back a few centuries to see how people lived then, and how they fucked.

Seducing the Throne download

Work your way up the ranks of this kingdom to become the one true king of all boobs, babes, and sexy butts! It's definitely possible at Seducing the Throne, a RPG game XXX with porn and enough interaction to keep you company in the times of old. As a novice seeking to be king, fuck as many of the kingdom's inhabitants as you'd like. Show them how powerful and regal your cock can be. When you've done enough interaction via the several different ways of dating simulations in Seducing the Throne download pack, you'll definitely be the king.

Some female knights will gladly wear promiscuous armor for your eyes only. They'll take the metal off and place your wood in. Some of your loyal subjects would love to get into the royal bathtub with you. A 16th century bubble bath is nothing without getting a blowjob from the finest princess in all the land. With enough gold, you can buy whatever concubine you like. Their tits would be there for you to place your cock right in-between. No questions asked. Hire a court jester who can make you laugh. A female court jester would make you cum. All that things are available in Seducing the Throne online porn game.

The naughty princesses from foreign Seducing the Throne porn game's kingdoms would need to sign deals with you. Be a good king and offer your endless semen for these scantily-clad princesses to consume. As king, you'll have your very own queen, of course. It is an usual thing in 3D RPG porn games. She's definitely the hottest of all. With massive breasts, huge bj lips, a willing throat, a tight pussy, amazing curves, and an endless libido, she's rightfully the chess piece who can do it all. Make your way down into the dungeons or up into the castle towers to fuck your very own sex slaves. All the doggy-style action will be beautifully rendered in HD. As the greatest cock in all the land, show them who the one true king truly is. Play Seducing the Throne online that is a great chance to move back and have fun with medieval girls.

Play Seducing the Throne

Play Seducing the Throne, a sexy game with king's throne porn in which you can fulfill all your fantasy dreams about royal babes and kings. This RPG XXX sex game by Lesson of Passion offers you plenty of interactions and many different ways to satisfy your needs. You are Lord Anthony Hailing, the last heir of a well renowned family. One day you find out that your mother slept with the previous king and now you are in line to claim the throne. Your opportunity will come 30 days from now during the summer solstice when every ruler is confirmed. In order to become the king you will have to show off your strength and power. The best way to do this is to unsheathe your cock for the kingdom's citizens. They will be more than happy to do it for you.

There are several places where you can fuck the horny townsfolk. The bar has a lot of villager chicks with amazing silk outfits that will give you an epic fuck in HD. There's also a market full of villager girls that will be more than happy to let you rip their medieval thongs. The naughty courtesans are waiting to be fucked from behind, so don't hesitate to show them your magic. Another place where you can fuck these sexy medieval babes is in the temple of the Seducing the Throne game. Here you will meet Lola, the daughter of the high priest. She will be more than happy to suck your ass and cum for you. The kings throne game nude has ancient tomes that you can use in order to go very far with the lovemaking.

Seducing the Throne porn game

Besides fucking the naughty villagers and princesses in the game you can also scout around the whole kingdom to find the best place to show off your strength. The game has a special feature that will increase with every action you take. It's important to keep this number down as it will hinder your quests and can even cause the game to end. In this new Seducing the Throne game from Lesson of Passion you will have the chance to move back a few centuries in time and have some interactive sex with the sexiest of medieval babes. This will surely be an experience you will never forget. So don't wait any longer and start playing Seducing the Throne game and have fun with the horny princesses, naughty courtesans and epic fucks. If you want to have even more sexual fun, check out some of the other king's throne porn games we offer in our collection.

Seducing the Throne Game Review

Plunge into the world of princesses, queens, knights, mages and naughty villagers. Seducing the Throne review describes the virtual RPG simulation where all your lustful medieval fantasies can come true. The incredibly high-definition babes are a feast for the eyes and your cock. Fuck them all in the castle courtyard or in the marketplace to make your guild proud and your friends jealous of your chivalrous ways. Anthony hails from a noble family but finds that the death of his father and parents has left him as the sole heir to the kingdom. He is tasked with retaking the crown or marrying the princess or doing whatever else it takes to keep the kingdom together.

The sexy women of the kingdom want nothing more than to pleasure your cock with their naked bodies and big, tight medieval cloths. The king's daughter wants to see your tight ass through her thong. The hot fortuneteller wants to tell you your future – or just suck your dick. The gypsy wants to put her crystal ball away and suck your cock with her colorful outfit. As you work towards a sexy throne, you need to fuck as many of the people in the kingdom as possible. The more sexy butts you fuck, the better chance you have of becoming the true king. The citizens will be begging you to unsheathe your cock in no time. While sex is an important aspect of the kings throne nude game, there are plenty of other things to do as well. In addition to the typical combat and quests, you can also take your skills in fencing, swordplay and archery to new heights. The more skill you have in these areas, the more quests you can complete and the sexier your throne will become.

King's throne porn nude game

You can even make some money by smuggling goods or selling your spare equipment to other players. However, it's best to stay on the king's good side, as otherwise your enemies will increase and you could lose the throne. Whether you play as an old lord, a sexy gypsy or a sly witch, the Seducing the Throne porn game is packed with sexy fun and tons of adventure. The story is a tale of power struggles, political intrigue and madcap disaster. You can play alone or with up to four other players in the same room, using chat commands and our Twitch extension.

During the course of the Seducing the Throne review full of king's throne porn, you can collect a variety of weapons and armor. You can also earn a range of new costumes that will give you extra powers and perks in battle or in the courtroom. There are also a number of sexy outfits that you can wear to attract the attention of your fellow players. You can even customize your appearance by changing your hairstyle or facial features. These changes will be instantly reflected in your character's appearance and stats. Eventually, you will be able to create your very own look that is unique and will set you apart from the rest of the competition.

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